Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kenny and Goliath

Into the belly of the beast!

This actually happened a couple of weeks ag, but I forgot to post about it. I got a chance to get inside of the Goliath crane in Quincy, MA just days before they were going to begin tearing it down. I had honestly never been that close to it. My initial response was, "Oh sweet. I'll need a wide angle." I brought an 18mm. A 10.5mm fisheye would have been more helpful. Massive was an understatement.

The day was ectualy EXTREMELY hazy. The shots below were shot with a circ polarizer twisted to as dark as I could possibly get the sky. I find that any time I'm going to shoot something impressive the conditinos usually suck. However every time I just happent o have a camera and nothing is planned, the weather is fricken awesome. I would have killed for some nice fluffy cumulus clouds.

These were shot on a Nikon D200 as opposed to film. Lens was an 18-70mm only shot on 18mm I beleive. In some cases, convenience helps.

None of these pictures have yet to be manipulated in any way aside from the UV filter over the lens for protective purposes. I would have Photoshopped them, however aside from Elements, I lack the great tool (Elements is far too limiting).

Heh, Mom.